Monday, June 28, 2010

Chantz Bryant Jones!

Good news! My sister Abrie had her baby this morning at 8:01am. Little Chantz Jones... he weighs 9lbs 5 oz, and he's 22in long. He is a BIG baby. :) His hand are gigantic! She had him this morning, and I had to wait until flipping 6:30 to meet him because of work! Yuck! haha I even skipped my break so that I could get off an hour earlier(5:30 instead of 6:30), but I still only got there at 6:30. Everything went great according to Abrie and my mom; the C-section was quick and went smoothly, and the baby AND mom were both healthy! I was so happy to hear that everything had gone so well.. and I could tell that Bryant was happy too. :)

Tripp is going to be one jealous boy, that's for sure! He's not used to sharing Mom and Dad's attention. I guess he really liked meeting Chantz, though, I saw some pretty adorable pictures of them together. :) Hopefully all goes well there. I'm excited to start watching both Chantz and Tripp for Abrie and Bryant; I take care of TONS of kids at work everyday, but there's no WAY you could replace family. Tripp will always be my favorite 2 year-old and Chantz is now my new favorite baby. :) 

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Senior Prom!! :)

My senior prom was on May 15th, 2010. I went with a guy named Brawn Baker, whom I actually met about a month earlier at a choir function. He lives in Declo, Idaho, and I was so glad that he was able to come to Meridian so we could go together! We had a lot of fun! :) My Aunt Pat actually MADE this dress for me, and it was sooo pretty! My little nephew Tripp called me "Princess Cici" when he saw me wearing it. :) So cute!
Our day date turned out to be SUPER fun! The boys rented a bunch of those inflatable toys; and obstacle course, a human bungee, and a human bowling one. We took them down to Fuller Park(which is only a few streets away from my house) and had a Barbeque. There was sand volleyball and ultimate frisbee, and I had SO much fun!
After the day date was over, the boys dropped us off and we had about three and a half hours to get ready. Abbey Rushton and I booked reservations at a nearby beauty school, so we both drove down there as soon as we got home and got our hair and make up done by some of the students there! It all turned out so well, and I way really impressed by the way they did my hair! I loved how they pinned the three big curls up, I thought it was very clever. :)
I added the flowers and fixed my make up a little bit when I got home, but otherwise didn't really have time to do anything else before Brawn came to pick me up. Matt Wilson and Aubree Hurst were the couple that drove with us, and Matt was driving his brother AJ's Rx8, which was WAY nice! Matt's kind of a crazy driver, but we survived that day. :) :)
Dinner that night was at Goodwood, and we got sooo many funny looks from people when we all marched in there all dressed up. We had a HUGE group of about 22 people, so they pushed some tables together and they actually gave us free appetizers, which was nice. :) After dinner we headed on down to the dance, which was at the Knitting Factory downtown. The music was wraunchy, as was the dancing, but we stayed in our little 'mormon bubble' as we call it and we had a lot of fun! :) I saw a lot of people there that weren't in our group that I knew from school. 
After the dance we went back to Matt's house and watched the Princess and the Frog, but a lot of us were falling asleep so gradually people started leaving.
Prom was SUCH a fun experience, and I'm so glad that I was able to go with Brawn!  

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Choir Tour this year was soo much fun! :) We went to Seattle again, just like my freshman year, and had a blast! My mom came with me, too, and we ended up having the best time ever!! We went to two AMAZING plays; The Gypsy King and On The Town - and we also had the opportunity to go to a Mariners baseball game. We also got the chance to walk around downtown Seattle for a few hours, and all of us girls(yes, including my mother) bought matching sunglasses! Mine were bright green, of course! I'm really going to miss choir after I graduate. :( Choir is probably the main reason that I was able to make it through high school; without it I most likely would've gotten myself into a LOT of trouble last year. :/ I love Mr. Brown, and I could never thank him enough for everything that he's done for me! :)